From 1998 to 2002 I watched loved ones win over half a million dollars to being bankrupt and $50,000 in debt. I subsequently learned that this occurs in 95% of lottery wins, i.e. 19 out of every 20 winners end up worse off than they were before they won the money. Now in 2014 after embarking on a journey of knowledge and study in subjects such as economics, law, religion, philosophy, psychology, and much more in order to answer the question ‘why?’, not only did I discover why, a much darker and sinister problem came to light and thus I have come to the unshakeable conclusion that my subjectivity is a root cause of all ‘ills of this world’, and it matters not what ill you may wish to place under the title of ‘ills of the world’, I firmly believe I have, and are, contributing to causing it.

However, the purpose of this blog is not to demonstrate how one can simply switch off their subjectivity (as I see this as a life long journey), nor prove it is the cause of all ills, but rather to demonstrate that a large part of the problems in this world stem from certain relationships many of us take for granted and no little about, and that is our relationships with our governments. Apart from our relationships with our God (if we believe in one) and our immediate family members, our relations with our governments are our most important relationships. We are not progressing from a state of infancy or wardship to one of guardians of our affairs, but rather are leaving the role of guardianship mostly if not completely in the hands of the governments, and therefore we are being taxed because we tax first.

The purpose of this blog then is to share what I have found to be the causes and effects of a straining relationship each individual has with their respective governments, and what can be done about it. I see no better way for any individual to contribute to the betterment of mankind than to lessen their own burdens on government.


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